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Minneapolis v St. Paul

Minneapolis v St. Paul

Last night Alpha Consumer played at the Turf Club in St. Paul. My first thought was, I do not want to go all the way to St. Paul and would rather stay at home and watch Blazing Saddles. Now. I am not a movie junkie. I watch between 5-10 movies a year. Why would something so out of character entice me more than going to see my good friends play in St. Paul? Jeremy Ylvisaker of Alpha Consumer was one of the producers who worked on the first King Freud record and I was his guitar tech in my younger years. Ever since he started working with Andrew Bird, it has been tough to catch him. Why would I want to sit at home and watch a movie that I know all the words to?*

The answer is pretty simple: St. Paul.

It seems that the Mississippi River is about 40 miles wide and it is impossible for we Minneapolis residents to cross without feeling like packing a lunch and making sure we go to the bathroom before hopping in the vehicle. Why is this? Before I left Minneapolis, I used to go catch Mark Mallman play packed shows at the Turf. I used to go catch JT’s Jazz Implosion on Monday nights in the Clown Lounge. What in the world happened to us? What happened to me? Why is it that it is SO damn hard to get people (myself included) out to concerts these days? I have seen this phenomenon (more of an epidemic) spread throughout the country, but I have always felt that we were a little different here in Minneapolis. But here I am, wanting to spend the night with Mel Brooks and a bag of Doritos rather than going to support a friend/musician who I love so dearly.

I also want to point out that The Turf Club is not a bad venue. I have many fond memories of The Turf. My favorite New Years Eve experience was at the Turf (and shared it with Jeremy Ylvisaker and Mark Mallman among others). In fact, I would go so far as to say that it is a GREAT venue and I would love to book a show there, but keep out of St. Paul because I can play for 5 people in my living room.

I am a big fan of Idaho native Josh Ritter. Josh has put out a ton of live EPs this year. I saw that as kind of a ballsy move. I have enjoyed all of these EPs and really had no issue purchasing them. I think that Josh and these EPs may get people (again, myself included) inspired to go out and see live music again. Something needs to happen.

I don’t really have any thoughts on girls. That was pretty much just an attention getter (for me). I did, however, write what may be my first upbeat cutesy song about butterflies in the stomach last week called “Waking Restless”. We will most likely debut it at Lee’s on December 4th. (Speaking of which, everyone needs to get their asses out there!)

That is it. My head might explode.


*I thought about starting this rant by blaming Bush, but that would have been pretty far reaching.

**Views expressed do not represent the views of THE ARDENT. These are mine alone.

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RP&TA Blog…

Not exactly sure why I decided to do this. But here is the start of something that will hopefully be good.

I want to start this blog off right with a little plug for my friend Ed Ackerson (not that he needs it). I just came home from Ed’s CD release show. I was there for the release of his first album last year. I cannot even begin to convey with words how insanely talented Ed is. I would recommend his records to anyone!

Ed Ackerson

Ed Ackerson

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