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Every single member of RP&TA plays in at least one other band. I play in a few and am very exited to tell you about one of them…

Luke Redfield is a musician who I have grown to like, not only as a musician, but as a person. I was initially turned on to his music by Jeremy Ylvisaker, who has played guitar on Luke’s records. In 2008, Luke asked me to fill in on some live shows. Learning Ylvis’ guitar parts was like being 19 years old all over again*.
Ephemeral Eon” is Redfield’s most recent album and I have been glued to it. I strongly recommend checking it out.
*For those who don’t know my history, I was a guitar tech for Jeremy  1999-2000.

Redfield travels all over the country and has lived in some of the strangest places, but he’s back in Minneapolis for a little while and I will be playing all of those dates.

Here are the shows he has lined up thus far:

1-22-10 @ 6:30 p.m.
Varsity Theater
Minneapolis, MN

1-28-10 @ 7 p.m.
The Whole, University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN

2-18-10 @ 9:30 p.m.
Lee’s Liquor Lounge
Minneapolis, MN

3-11-10 @ 9:30 p.m.
331 Club
Minneapolis, MN
With Ryan Paul & THE ARDENT (I’ll be pulling a double)

-Ryan Paul

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We were pleased to see that Ryan Paul’s top 5 local & national records of 2009 were published by Metro Magazine. Here’s a clip:

“As the year comes to a close, you’ve probably been inundated by year and decade end lists. We thought that you might want to hear what Twin Cities musician’s favorite albums are, rather than getting our two cents. It’s pretty hard to hone in on the local music scene, even for those of us who are attuned to national music trends. So, we used the good old Internet and got in touch with some of our favorite local artists.”

Ryan Paul & The Ardent
1. Grizzly Bear // Veckitamest – This album gets my best of 2009. I’ve heard all of the banter about whether or not it will last. I’ve heard all the talk about them “selling out” with Veckitamest. Frankly, I don’t care. I’ve listened to Grizzly Bear since Horn of Plenty and sister band Department of Eagles. There is certainly a difference in Veckitamest, but it is one that I have seen coming for awhile.

Daniel Rossen has been growing into his pop sensibility very slowly and the maturation grew into this record. It is an absolute masterpiece. I can’t find a single fault in it. The album lacks nothing. Can they keep it up? Surely. However, Daniel and the boys may grow into something else and I’m sure that will be just as jaw dropping as the rest of their career.

Favorite Track: “Ready, Able”

2. Jim O’Rourke // The Visitor
Jim O’Rourke has played on well over 100 records in the past 20 years, but left an 8 year gap from his last solo album. Anyone who knows me heard my excitement for weeks leading up to the release of The Visitor. I didn’t want to get my hopes up, but managed to anyhow. When I got my pre-ordered copy, I nervously put it in to find that it was only one track. One 38 minute track. (This isn’t rare for O’Rourke’s noise records) This album (or song) had over 200 separate recorded parts and they were all layered perfectly. I liked how one reviewer called it “genre-hopping melange of organic and electronic influences”. I’ll even get behind Pitchfork’s statement that The Visitor “plays hide-and-go-seek with dozens of instruments, textures, and motifs before refusing to deliver the climax you might have expected”. I mainly summed it up with a dropped jaw. I have listened to it dozens of times and I haven’t even begun to soak it all in.

3. Elvis Perkins in Dearland // ST/Doomsday EP
I liked Elvis Perkins’ solo effort. “Ash Wednesday” was a great start, but it was missing something. It was missing Dearland. I’m not sure how these guys seemed to pick up on Elvis’ behind the beat writing, but they did. I am including Doomsday EP because it was recorded at the same time as the self titled album and is mainly B-Sides. I can’t wait to hear what Elvis and Dearland do next.

Favorite Track: “Shampoo”


4. Phosphorescent // To Willie
Am I crazy to pick a cover album in my top 5? Possibly. But I feel that this particular cover album is the best Willie Nelson cover album ever done. This particular album got more spins on my player than many others on this list. Done in the same vein as Willie Nelson’s To Lefty, this album is brilliant. I knew, from the second I saw the cover, that I was going to fall head over heels with To Willie. Many have tried to cover Willie Nelson and nearly all have failed. This album plays Willie like a young Willie would do Willie. Houck spares no detail and even playing nearly every guitar solo with the melody line of the song (just like Willie). If you want to cover Willie, be Willie. Don’t try to put a new spin on the Red Headed Stranger. He is one of a kind.

Favorite Track: “Can I Sleep In Your Arms” (There are moments where I actually prefer this to the original. I know. It’s practically heresy.)

5. The Bad Plus // For All I Care
Every single time I have seen The Bad Plus play live, I have always stood in line to get in early and plant my butt in front of Dave King’s drum kit. That was, until Wendy Lewis started singing with them. The two times that I witnessed The Bad Plus (joined by Wendy Lewis), Wendy seemed to be the only force that could drive my eyes and ears from King’s wicked drumming. I happened to run into Lewis at a Dosh show in 2008 and listened to her talk about what was going on down at Pachyderm. I could not wait to hear this record. The day I picked it up, I sat in my room short of breath. Seeing them live, a friend had to remind me to inhale and exhale. It goes without saying that Dave King is masterful on “For All I Care”. I don’t need to tell you that Reid Anderson is a hell of a bass player. Ethan’s piano playing is about as dependable as his wardrobe. This is a wonderful record.

Favorite Track: “Comfortably Numb”

Bad Plus // For All I Care
Brad Senne // Aerial Views
The Pines // Tremolo
Gary Louris/Mark Olson // Ready for the Flood
Peter Wolf Crier // Inter-Be

*I’d really have the Daredevil Christopher Wright album on there, but Western WI is still WI.

***CORRECTION: Klaus Voorman let me know that The Doomsday EP was not recorded at the same time as the Dearland LP. The tunes are not B-sides either.

I appreciate the correction. This is why I am a musician and not a journalist. I take things that dudes at the record store tell me as fact.

Being that they were not recorded at the same time, I am amending:

#3. Elvis Perkins in Dearland – Dearland LP
#3.5 Elvis Perkins in Dearland – Doomsday EP


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2009 was a pretty wicked year. We are really looking forward to what is in store for 2010. I’ve been meeting with our new manager from Invisible Button Entertainment and she has some amazing ideas for going forward.

We’ve been working on a video project called “Confessions”. I’d like to give you a preview of Part 6.
Here are some of my confessions about La Vita Nuova, my Jimmy Peterson story, and some of my ideas for the next year. Enjoy!

If you missed our show with Kid Dakota at the Turf, we were able to pull a video from that night as well. Some of it kind of cracks me up…

I’d also like to remind you that there are ALWAYS fresh and free live downloads from our “Live Archive” page. You can sample and download in any format you like.

Thanks for the support in 2009!

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Ryan Pau & THE ARDENT @ 331 Club MPLS

Ryan Paul & THE ARDENT by elli rader

On Thursday March 12, I was able to do a few things that I have wanted to do since my return to Minneapolis. The first was to play the Mad Ripple Hootenanny. I received a text message from local photographer, Sara Montour that said, “You are playing The Hoot”.  I immediately packed up my things for a gig later that evening and ran over.

I very nervously walked in and stood by the door as the show had already been underway for a good 15 minutes. A few sweaty moments later, Eliza Blue called me up to play (noting that we had never met, but are facebook friends). I took my place next to the legendary Brianna Lane (also a facebook friend – jeez) and tried to make my way through my first tune without passing out. I played “La Vita Nuova” and new song “Seen It All”. I was a little struck by the fact that Jim Walsh (aka The Mad Ripple) was not there. I had hoped that he would finally hear me play, but we’ll get back to Walsh later…

I had to rush out of the Hoot to head over to NE Minneapolis to play the 331 Club. THE ARDENT and I had been very anxious to play this venue for quite some time. The 331 is much like playing for friends in a living room. It is warm, inviting, and unassuming. We really felt the freedom to do whatever we wanted on stage because it did not feel like we were playing AT the people in attendance, but rather playing WITH and FOR a group of old chums.  I absolutely LOVED the line up that we put together: Matty O’Reilly and Eliza Blue.

Matty O’Reilly got up and smoked with some of his killer tunes (my favorite is a love song referancing 80’s hair bands). THE ARDENT and I took our time getting on stage and started… “whenever”. The comfort of the room and vibe allowed us to shake off the confines of  a rock show and just play. I think we were mid way into our second song when I glanced to the back of the room to see Mr. Walsh walk through the door…. Told you I would bring him back into this story.

We pulled out a new cover at the 331. It only seemed fitting to attempt our Americana version of “The KKK Took My Baby Away” by The Ramones. I was pleased to see that Eliza Blue followed suit with an interpretation of “Don’t Fear The Reaper”.

We enjoyed our time so much that we are hoping to have our CD Release show at The 331 Club in June. I went to bed that evening overwhelmed by the amount of talent and the warmth of the  Minneapolis music community.

Back into the studio. But we have some stuff on the calendar. Check it out.

I will also be playing with Luke Redfield (and The Floorbirds) at The Nomad World Pub on Friday March 27th . Come on down!

Ryan Paul

Official Site: http://www.ryanpaulandtheardent.com

Steve Goold with Ryan Paul & THE ARDENT at 331 Club, Minneapolis

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Ryan Paul & THE ARDENT Eliza Blue at 331

In spite of our cramming in the studio, we wanted to take the opportunity to play at least ONE show in March. I am really looking forward to it.

Eliza Blue is an amazing singer, musician, and songwriter. If you look around the Minneapolis music scene, you will notice that she somehow has the ability to be in several places at once. The first time I saw her was at the Cedar Cultural Center and I was totally Blown away.
Matty O’Reilly is a close personal friend and I am grateful that he decided to do do this show with us. I have been listening to Matty’s songs since this summer and am anxious to see him live again.
Again, we are still working as hard as we can to get La Vita Nuova out by late Spring of 2009. It is looking like we are right on track!

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I would like to first note that the Bunkers show two weeks ago was a blast! It was a strange feeling to come up from the basement to see all the faces there. I think we brought the rock. I hope we brought the rock. We brought somethin’.
Being the first time going electric, I was a bit apprehensive about the show itself. We actually never took time to go through any of those songs beforehand. We went blind. In retrospect, with the number of people at that particular show, it was a bit of a risky play, but it worked out.
There were other factors involved in the chips stacked against us that evening. Steve Goold flew in that evening from playing in Texas and could have been tired, but he was ripe and ready to go. Personal lives of band members seemed to be a bit chaotic and I think we all went on stage with fairly heavy hearts. I know I did.  But seconds into it… release.
That night marked another turning point for RP&TA. We have had quite a few in a short amount of time as we are trying to find our “voice” in the Minneapolis music scene. Hell, we are on our second go-round with the album (I will talk more about this later). Standing up on that stage with that guitar strapped around my neck made us realize that we were destined to be a little… well… louder. So from here on out, that is what you are going to be getting from us.

Steve Goold did the unthinkable. Well, it was not unthinkable per se, but I never saw it actually going down. We went into the studio to lay down drums for 12 songs and had hopes it would get done in one day. The plan was to start at 9am. Traffic held Steve up a hour. We loaded in and our engineer had to leave for a family emergency. We did not actually start tracking our first song until 11:30am.
Steve and engineer Dave Perez were masterful and efficient. I think Mr. Goold pulled out 5 tracks in one take. None were done in more than 4. The best part is that, despite everything that came up, we ended the session EARLY. I cannot wait for this record to get done. It is looking like the plan for Spring 2009 is going to be an achievable goal.

In light of the studio recording, we will be taking all February and much of March from playing live. However, on March 12th, we put together a night with some of my favorite musicians at the 331 Club in NE Minneapolis. The other performers will be Eliza Blue and Matty O’Reillly w/John Schjolberg. Plan for it. More details as it creeps closer.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://www.ryanpaulandtheardent.com


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Ryan Paul & THE ARDENT by elli rader

The year has come to an end and it is time for pesky reflection. This passed year was a particularly good one for me. 2008 felt productive. In 2008 I feel like I experienced growth. In 2008, we formed a band.

January 2008 Notes To Angels EP was distributed. There was a short list of recipients, but it certainly put an idea in my head and a desire to do more…

May 2008 – I reconnected with James Plewacki and John Holtze and pitched the idea of THE ARDENT. It was supposed to be for One Show – One Night.

June 2008 – I contacted Jaim Zuber and Steve Goold and tossed out the idea of the same single show.

July 17, 2008 – Ryan Paul & THE ARDENT emerged in Minneapolis on stage at Lee’s Liquor Lounge. Shortly after the gig I started to work with elli rader, who has worked harder than any of us could have imagined to get us out and playing more. I called the boys from THE ARDENT and asked if we wanted to “give it another go”.

August – December 2008 – We have played as many gigs as we possibly could. Some good. Some bad. All were unforgettable. We also started work on recording the first full length album, La Vita Nuova.

This year has also brought me back to many musicians who I love and respect and introduced me to many new ones.

I’m looking forward to 2009. We anticipate the release of La Vita Nuova sometime in Spring, we have taken on a new booking agent and are looking to form new relationships with bands and venues around this wonderful (and cold) city. Thank you for your support in 2008 and look for good things from us in the year to come.

.ryan paul

Official Website: http://www.ryanpaulandtheardent.com

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