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I get to play with two musicians on the near horizon who I am quite fond of. The first is Sam Roberts… (the second will need it’s own blog entry)

Sam is is a Juno Award winning Canadian rock singer-songwriter, whose 2001 debut release, The Inhuman Condition, became one of the bestselling independent releases in Quebec and Canadian music history. He has the COOLEST story!
He was Born in Pointe-Claire, Quebec, to South African parents. He’s trilingual, speaking English, French, and Spanish. He married his high school sweetheart of 13 years.

I’ve been a fan of Sam Roberts since I heard Chemical City in 2006. I know his career spans longer than that. It is unfortunate that we don’t get to hear a lot of the cool Canadian bands in the States (Tragically who?!?).

So… If you haven’t heard Sam Roberts, check out this video:

Then Come See Us At the 7th St. Entry. November 24, 2009.
Sam Roberts with Ryan Paul & THE ARDENT at 7th St. Entry. Minneapolis

Ryan Paul

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Well, it is official. We have a CD Release show on our hands. It feels like we have been working on this record forever (probably because we have been). The studio process has been hectic, but we have been having a blast. We have some special guests who are near and dear to my heart (and ears) performing on it. I think it is still a little early to spit out the names, but you’ll know soon enough.

I want to take the opportunity to explain what took so long. James, John, and I started working on this record in the summer of 2008. We were in a tiny studio and were having various friends come in playing drums and other instruments. The result did not come out sounding the way we wanted it to. Around that time, Steve Goold and Jaim Zuber joined THE ARDENT and they took on a completely different form. We were faced with the decision to release or throw out previous work we had done. Obviously we opted to start from scratch. I am so glad that we did!

Until I am allowed to give more information, here is the info on the release of La Vita Nuova
Ryan Paul & THE ARDENT release La Vita Nuova
Friday June 19, 2009 at The 331 Club in Minneapolis, MN
w/Brian Just, Eliza Blue, and Special Guests Who Performed on La Vita Nuova (and some who didn’t)!
Cost: Don’t worry. It’s on us!

OFFICIAL Ryan Paul & THE ARDENT website: http://www.ryanpaulandtheardent.com

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