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Inspired by “Meet Me Where I Am”

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I have decided to start doing some video taping of shows (pre & post). This was my first attempt. There is some funny stuff there, but I couldn’t  include the pieces in their entirety because I was jerking the camera around so much. I’ll get better at it soon…

Around the 20 second mark – Sam Roberts confesses about his Flip Video recorder…
Around the 44 second mark – Steve Goold confesses about his heavy blog traffic and possible suspicions as to where the hits may be coming from…
Around the 55 second mark is video of the debut of our new song “Slow.Steady”

Sam and his band were really great! It was a lot of fun to play and hang out with them. Sam sent me home with some vinyl and some of his ideas about keeping shows interesting.

Remember, if you would like to download FREE mp3s from this show and others, visit: http://ryanpaulandtheardent.bandcamp.com/

-Ryan Paul

OFFICIAL SITE: http://www.ryanpaulandtheardent.com

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Ryan Paul & THE ARDENT by Jenn Barnett

We have decided to release some live recordings free for you to listen to and add to your collection. These are not full shows, just featured tracks. You’ll see that we added some from the Metro Magazine 100 Party, some from Janey Winterbauer sitting in with us, and some other oddities that we thought you might like to hear. We’re gonna keep adding as long as people keep recording. So please check back often.

Ryan Paul & THE ARDENT Featured Live Recordings Site

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From the sneaky camcorder of our very own Steve Goold…

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Breaks are nice. We have spent a lot of time tending to other affairs and projects and are ready to get back playing live again. I’ll highlight a few below:

October 1, 2009 Metro Magazine 100 Party
I know that we are all really jazzed to be a part of this. It seems like it is going to be a crazy party! Mark Wheat from 89.3 The Current will be spinning tunes; Solid Gold will be playing a (guaranteed) scorching set;  Shuga Records will showcase The Unknown Prophets, Unicorn Dream Attack, and some other choice music acts; and we will be headlining the 331 Club. There is TONS of other stuff going on at the Ritz, Anchor Fish & Chips, Rogue Buddha Gallery…
–6pm, 21+ Tickets are $35 (advance) $40 (gate)

October 6, 2009Ryan Paul, Brad Senne, Nate Berhousen Trio
This gig is pretty exciting for me. Brad Senne is a personal friend and one who I have followed for quite some time. His new record, Aerial Views, really blows me away. Brad and I will be doing a couple shows together in October. I would call this a “not to be missed”. We’ll do some of his tunes, some of my tunes, and some from other musicians we enjoy. Also joining us will be Nate Berhousen from Breaksea Caravel…
331 Club, 9pm, 21 +, Free.

October 21, 20o9 – “Midnight or So” Gallery Opening at 318 Cafe.
All of our “official” photos were taken by elli rader.  She doesn’t just shoot us.  She shoots lots of things, including barns in rural Minnesota in the middle of the night. October 21st is the gallery opening of these barn photos. Not only will you get a shot at purchasing these prints (drinking wine and rubbing elbows with other art snobs), but you will get a cool night of music. Janey Winterbauer, Brad Senne, and others will join us on the stage and we will try our hardest to back them…
318 Cafe, 6pm, Free

October 22, 2009 501 Club with Molly Dean and The Ex Lovers
I have been to lots of cool shows at the 501 Club downtown. It’s owned by the same people/person who owns the 331. Molly Dean is a musician who was introduced to me by elli rader. I think her stuff is really really good. We’re excited to have her there with us. We are equally amped to be playing with our new friends, The Ex Lovers. If you haven’t heard this band yet, you absolutely have to! Not to mention the fact that they are darlings…
501 Club, 8pm, 21+, Free

November 12, 2009331 Club with Brian Just Band
Back home at the 331 with our near and dear friends, The Brian Just Band. I cannot say enough about Brian and his band. They are by far one of my favorite groups in Minneapolis and I keep on asking them to play gigs purely so that I can watch them again. Per usual, we let the hair down (huh!) and play our favorite venue as if we were playing in our living rooms.
331 Club, 8pm, 21+, Free

Also, starting with this blog post, I’m going to let you know what has been heavy in my music rotation the few days leading up to typing this sucker out.
1. The Beatles Remastered (Stereo and Mono) – It just doesn’t get any better.
2. Jim O’Rourke – The Visitor (2009) – 38 minutes of bliss
3.  The Pains of Being Pure At Heart – Higher Than The Stars EP (2009)
4.  Suburban Lawns – Self Titled (1981) – Jake Rudh reminded me of this record. It freaks my cats out!
5. Deerhunter – On Platts Eyott Island (2009)

FOR REAL TIME UPDATES: http://twitter.com/RPandTA

Ryan Paul

Ryan Paul & THE ARDENT by elli rader

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THE ARDENT and I have been taking a break due to some  forces in our control and some not. I have spent much of the time appreciating music in the area and from outside the immediate Minneapolis area. I have also had the opportunity to sit down and spend time with musicians and “industry people” who I respect.
One thing was made abundantly clear in all of the conversations was that I have not given the opportunity for anyone to know who I am. (You mean being known as having an unnatural love for Morrissey isn’t enough?)
I had initially scoffed at this idea because I am seemingly more ballsy from behind a guitar and a mead pad than I am otherwise. A few weekends ago I was out with a friend who I have known for years. He was going up for another beer and stopped back to me and asked if I had quit drinking. I think that is what prompted me to write this…

When the Ryan Paul & THE ARDENT myspace page first reared its little head in the jungle of musicians, artists, and social networkers, I had posted a letter to Minneapolis music. I have since had it deleted. I don’t have a copy of it anymore and much of me wants it back. The letter was a direct apology to the entire Minneapolis music scene for sins of my past.

I can’t replicate that letter – no matter how hard I try. So I am going to tell you a little bit about myself using the words from a confessional I had written called “Meet Me Where I Am”. It is the first track on La Vita Nuova and is graced by the amazing slide guitar of Jimmy Peterson. “Meet Me Where I Am” can be heard here

Meet me where I am
In the rain; in the city.
Meet me where I am
All alone; on the streets.

For too many years I struggled with alcoholism and addiction. It was by far one of the more advanced stages witnessed at such a young age. By the age of 25, I had been hospitalized for pancreatitis twice. For those who don’t know, alcoholics in their twenties rarely experience decay like this. Pancreatitis is mainly found in elderly addicts.
I was actually in Buffalo, New York when I was last hospitalized. I was released from the hospital at 9am one morning after having spent a week there. Due to the hour, I did not want to call the person I was staying with. I didn’t have a penny in my pocket, so I asked for directions and started walking.
I found myself wandering around the streets of Buffalo, which looks like just about any city in the US. I noticed that I had been there before. I hadn’t been in Buffalo, but had been alone in every large(r) city with no idea what I was going to do. At that moment, my circumstances were not going to change. I needed someone to meet me there… all alone and on the streets of a city I didn’t know.

Meet me where I am
In the county library.
Meet me where I am
I’m too tired to move my feet.

Seeing as this is an autobiographical story, the assumption would be that I took shelter at a library in Buffalo. I didn’t. But I remembered walking by the old Hennepin County Library in downtown Minneapolis and had always noticed that the homeless used it as a refuge in the cold months of Minnesota.  At that moment, I think I finally understood how that felt. **Had I ever done anything to help the homeless at the Hennepin library? The answer is no. Thusly, no one came to meet my needs either.

Meet me where I am
In the pews at the cathedral.
Meet me where I am
Even though I try to hide.

There is not much to the city of Buffalo, NY. There is a big hockey arena, lots of wing joints, a large lake, and several cathedrals. It seems that there is a mammoth church on every single corner (Ani DiFranco actually refurbished one for her office). On this desolate and frost-bound walk back to my friend’s apartment, I had considered stopping at one to possibly warm up a bit. But I figured that if I stopped in, someone would want to help me with my real problem. At that moment in my life, I didn’t know if I wanted that kind of help. I just wanted to be out of the cold.

Meet me where I am
In my addiction to another.
Meet me where I am
I have stolen. I have lied.

I think that this part of this verse may be one of the clearest images in the entire song to one who has lived the lifestyle of an addict. Addiction is often called a “love affair” with your chemical of choice. I can honestly say that was the case for me. The fact of the matter is that I would do anything within my power to get to what I needed. I had certainly lied. I had certainly stolen. I attached myself to those around me and sucked up all that they were worth. I was not picking pockets or stealing Tv’s, but I was stealing energy. I was stealing compassion. I was stealing anything that would assist me as I strove for more of what I was in love with…

Meet me where I am
At the bus stop on the corner.
Meet me where I am
As I sell myself.

This song was compiled and composed years after the event in Buffalo. This portion of the tune came at a point when I was riding in a car around South Minneapolis. I was looking around at every corner and seeing people who were entrenched in whatever kind of destruction that they happened to fall into. Prostitution, drug dealing, drug buying, violence, and was all right out in the open. My heart sunk. But how was their shit any different than my past shit?

Meet me where I am
As I beg for forgiveness
That I already have…

When I finally decided to call home to my family and friends and ask for help to quit drinking and using drugs, the response was amazing. I remember landing back at MSP airport and taking the escalator down to the baggage claim. I was foggy. I was weak from illness.
Through the hoards of people heading to get their luggage or meeting loved ones, I saw a woman running towards me. Behind her, two men followed. As they came into focus, I realized that it was my mother, father and brother. I’m not sure how long the embrace lasted in the busy airport, but the feeling will never leave me. It was a family saying, “We forgive you. We love you. Let’s get better.”

Which brings me to the Chorus:

I know what I’m getting into
Loving you.

I often reflect back on the moment in the airport. I can’t imagine what it must have been like to be my family looking at me as sick as I have ever been. I can’t fathom them realizing the long road ahead and still deciding to love me anyhow. Some have argued that it was a family obligation, but I’m not sure about that. The members of my family were not the only people who helped me on my road to recovery. Everyone who stepped into that ring knew what they were getting into. Thankfully, I pulled through… that time.  It wasn’t my first attempt at getting clean, but it was my last.
I don’t believe that any of it would be possible without the love of my family. I don’t think it would have happened without the support of friends. I know that I wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell were it not for a loving and forgiving God.

For the detail oriented types: I did not sober up in Buffalo. I had a little bit further to go. I didn’t sober up at the airport. I didn’t even sober up the day after. But the day after that – April 16, 2007, I checked myself into a detox center and spent 5 of the most un-fucking-comfortable days of my life being fed medication so that I would not have a seizure from withdrawal. I haven’t picked up a drink since.

For answers to the “usual” questions: This story is about me and me only. THE ARDENT and I play bars because we have fun in bars. Hell! Members of THE ARDENT take full advantage of my drink tickets at shows. I’m not against drinking. I’m not against alcohol. However, my body is. I can’t drink it. It consumes me rather than the other way around.

I also want to point out that I did not write this song for the people at the bars. I did not write this song for THE ARDENT. I wrote this song for me. I wrote this song so that I may  never forget the cold desolate streets of Buffalo. I wrote this song so that the memory of the worst period of my life is always fresh in my mind.

Because sometimes it is easy to forget…

Because sometimes I want to forget…

But the months that I consider to be the hardest to think about were the same months that made me exactly who I am today.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading. I hope it provides a little more insight on me and our songs (if you happened to be looking for some).

Ryan Paul

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Ryan Paul & THE ARDENT has partnered up with NoiseTrade to offer you a copy of La Vita Nuova for free. It’s pretty simple… tell 5 friends, or simply pay whatever you want to. If you own it and you like it, this is a good way to get your friends in on it. If you don’t have it yet, you have very little to lose. NoiseTrade is an awesome company and we feel that the music industry is going in this direction.

Click Here for Your Free Copy of La Vita Nuova!

Official Website http://www.ryanpaulandtheardent.com

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