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I’m very excited to announce that Ryan Paul & THE ARDENT will be playing the Minneapolis ARTCRANK opening on April 10th. In short, ARTCRANK is a community of local cycling artists who create incredible original work surrounding their passions: cycling and the city. The pieces are inexpensive ($30) and quite possibly the coolest thing(s) you can hang on your wall. More info by clicking on the image above.

If you are not a hardcore biker, this event is still for you. It is a total blast! This will be my second year. Free entry. Free food and drink. And a free set by myself & THE ARDENT. We’ll be playing around 10pm, when it is reasonable to get good and loud. Mark your calendar and BE THERE!

*Now, for my personal note about the gig (why does this always happen?)*

I like ARTCRANK a lot. It starts with the fact that I am a cyclist who enjoys using my bike for the majority of my transportation needs. I like the fact that they write the name in all caps. I like sweet art for $30. I love the people who are involved.

If you click on the ARTCRANK website, you’ll notice a list of partners along the left-hand side. I have a few notes on some mentioned (and some not):

There’s this group of people who work underneath a ton of cool events going on throughout the city. They scope the scene, absorb artists and musicians they like, and try to push them to the front of the proverbial “line”. RPandTA got sucked up by this group quite some time ago.

The (not creepy) illuminati-esque  group I speak of is comprised of, but not limited to, Dena Alspach with Metro Magazine, Kate O’Reilly with O’Reilly Creative, and (my bff) elli rader of Paperlily.

O’Reilly Creative & Paperlily teamed up to put on The Jennefit last week. Dena is quite a bit more visible, and took on The Metro 100 Party in 2009. Those are just a few mentions. The group has conspired on quite a few assignments over the course of the last year.

It was elli who put me face-to-face with, ARTCRANK Director and Curator, Charles Youel, at Art-A-Whirl in 2009. From that point on, I have kept up with Charles and have grown quite fond of his daily musings and receptive spirit. It is/was an honor to be asked to perform at this gallery opening. I woulda been there supporting it anyhow!

Please come support ARTCRANK by purchasing some prints or just hanging out! I don’t see any 331 dates on the working calendar, so this may be your last chance to catch RPandTA for free in the coming months.

Just do it, K?

P.S. I got my copy of the “Cute Souvenirs Sessions” EP that we will be releasing in June. It’s pretty dang good. Get excited.

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