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Here is our July 1, 2010 EP Release Show at Bryant Lake Bowl. Thank you to Ryan Cahill for filming and editing this together. He did a great job and we barely knew he was there.

Make sure to ride “Slow.Steady” out to the end. Cool stuff happens there!


It’s You

All Along

Nothing Can Destroy

What Goes On (Velvet Underground)

La Vita Nuova

Meet Me Where I Am

You Never Give Me Your Money (Beatles cover Featuring Janey Winterbauer)

Slow.Steady (Featuring Janey Winterbauer, Mark Shwandt, and Alexander Young)

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We are pleased to announce a few details about our EP release show.

Vita.mn Presents Ryan Paul & THE ARDENT EP Release Show

Thursday, July 1 – Cute Souvenirs Session EP Release Show –
with guest Janey Winterbauer and a set by Zoo Animal
Bryant Lake Bowl Theater – Minneapolis, MN
$8 advance – $10 door. Buy Tickets Online (June 1) at BrownPaperTickets.com
or BLB Box Office: 612-825-8949

Doors: 9:30pm
Music: 10:00 (sharp)

Featuring a artwork by John Alspach, Jenn Barnett, Wing Huie, Alexandra KSara Montourelli rader, and Stacy Shwartz

Presented by Invisible Button Entertainment
Sponsored by Vita.mn

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June 10, 2010 is the online release of our new EP, Cute Souvenirs Session. The EP was tracked and mixed in one ten-hour session in Minneapolis, MN.

“The EP exhibits an impressive development in craftsmanship, as well as a much darker character that has acquired comparisons of such opposing artists; The Cure, The Smiths and Arcade Fire” – Sophie Stratford, Indie Music Finds (London)

“While Ryan Paul & The Ardent’s debut album, 2009’s La Vita Nuova, was pure neo-Americana, don’t expect a repeat performance on the follow-up… the new material sounds suspiciously like power-pop” – Pat O’Brien, A.V Club (Minneapolis)

And so…

1.All Along
2. Chelsea
3. Slow.Steady
4. Another Time

You will find that the EP is available on Amazon, iTunes, and several other retailers. However, above will link you to our store where you can choose your track quality (even flac) and will have the complete artwork and liner notes. So, when purchasing, please come to us: http://ryanpaulandtheardentstudio.bandcamp.com

Don’t forget that our EP release show with Zoo Animal is coming up on July 1. Tickets are already selling quickly. See here for details on how to purchase them.

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I didn’t really take much of an opportunity to mention the most visible of changes to THE ARDENT. If you showed up to the February 4th show at the Turf Club, you probably noticed this:

Cory Eischen joins Ryan Paul & THE ARDENT by elli rader

On the synthesizer, we have Cory Eischen. Cory is an amazing player and friend. He currently plays with Mayda, ELnO, and a whole crapload of other bands in this city.

After a powerful year, I looked back on the accomplishments of RPTA and didn’t feel like I saw as much of myself in the reflection (musically) as I would like to. As mentioned in my interview with the Minneapolis AV Club, the Americana was more of a “hurdle” than it was an aspiration. I simply looked at the genre as something I had not done before. I feel like THE ARDENT and I tackled that genre well and are now finished with it.

It was a struggle as I wrote and wrote and wrote and only pulled 1/8 of the songs (easily translated to Americana) to use with the band. After months of deliberation with friends, band members and management, I feel like I reached a solution to my musical “identity crisis”. The answer to my obstacle was in a word that Invisible Button Entertainment uses to describe our band: “honest”.

I decided to drop back to the idea of playing whatever comes from my head and heart. The result was/is something that falls outside of the Americana frame.

THE ARDENT and I tossed ideas around and decided that it was time to hit the studio again. We also spoke about the lineup and decided that we needed something else to help implement the ideas that were flowing. We found Cory Eischen to fill in.

Cory is an excellent player with a style that I have been fond of for quite some time. He writes layers and parts that make the rest of the musicians in the room play better. Even in our first show, he challenged me to new ideas. We’re looking forward to future shows with him and also to have him on the new EP, “Cute Souvenirs” (More info on that to come).

Ryan Paul

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