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I get to play with two musicians on the near horizon who I am quite fond of. The first is Sam Roberts… (the second will need it’s own blog entry)

Sam is is a Juno Award winning Canadian rock singer-songwriter, whose 2001 debut release, The Inhuman Condition, became one of the bestselling independent releases in Quebec and Canadian music history. He has the COOLEST story!
He was Born in Pointe-Claire, Quebec, to South African parents. He’s trilingual, speaking English, French, and Spanish. He married his high school sweetheart of 13 years.

I’ve been a fan of Sam Roberts since I heard Chemical City in 2006. I know his career spans longer than that. It is unfortunate that we don’t get to hear a lot of the cool Canadian bands in the States (Tragically who?!?).

So… If you haven’t heard Sam Roberts, check out this video:

Then Come See Us At the 7th St. Entry. November 24, 2009.
Sam Roberts with Ryan Paul & THE ARDENT at 7th St. Entry. Minneapolis

Ryan Paul

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