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Ryan Paul and Kate Kunkel 12/17/2008

Ryan Paul and Kate Kunkel 12/17/2008 by elli rader.

On Wednesday, THE ARDENT and I played a show for/with our good friend Kate Kunkel and Light Of Hope. This evening is certainly going to go down as one of the more memorable evenings of my life. There are a whole variety of reasons for it’s significance, but I’ll lay out a couple of them here.

I was pleased to see Dean Magraw. He is such a beast on the guitar. He is one of those guys that makes what he does look so simple and I imagine myself replicating what he is capable of… until I go and pick up my guitar and realize that it ‘ain’t as easy as it looks’.

Brandon Sampson of Six Mile Grove was a pleasant surprise. I have had a few opportunities to listen to SMG’s records, but must have been distracted – – This guy is adroit, ingenious, and skillful in all that he does on stage. His songs were brilliant, his voice was piercing (in a good way), and his presence was pronounced. I hope to have the opportunity to do more with Brandon and Six Mile Grove in the future.

The moment arrived when THE ARDENT and I were to take the stage. Things seemed rushed, but that isn’t a new thing. It is possible that I was inattentive because I knew what we had up our sleeve for the set. For the first two songs, we pulled up Kate Kunkel as a guest vocalist. Kate and I had gone over a few songs the week prior, but even I was not sure how she was going to take to the stage; the audience; the lights. Kate was about as chic and graceful as they come as she lightly layered beautiful harmony lines under mine. I was partially blown away as I was hearing it all happen.

Kate has become a very dear friend to me and this was a really great moment. Rest assured, from this point on, if she is at a show, I will be dragging her up on stage. It was too much fun!

To top the whole thing off, a lot of money was raised for Karati Kenya. Old friends showed their faces. new friends were made. I hope everyone rested well that evening. I was agreeably spent…


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Ryan Paul and Kate Kunkel 12/17/2008 by elli rader.

Ryan Paul and Kate Kunkel 12/17/2008 by elli rader.

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