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We had a wonderful time playing at the 331 Club last night. I left the show all sweaty and with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. I thought it would be fun to point out a few people who have done selfless things for us.

(In no particular order)
elli rader/paperlily – elli booked RPandTA for a good year and did an amazing job of it. She also takes great photos of us and designed our beautiful website. elli is single-handedly responsible for much of the early word of mouth praise of this band. We all have grown quite close to her. Thank you.

Lily Troia/Invisible Button Entertainment
– Lily and crew opted to take us under the powerful wing of Invisible Button. There is so much going on behind the scenes. Lily’s dedication to all of her bands is admirable (and seemingly impossible, but she pulls it off). Thank you.

Janey Winterbauer
– Janey has been a constant support for us. She sang on La Vita Nuova and rocked our CD Release show last summer. In addition, she has agreed to follow me on some wild tangents and even recorded a demo in my living room. She is a talented singer and musician. Thank you.

Matt Patrick
– Matt is working with us on our new EP. He has been a champion with meeting our schedule and budget. This EP is going to sound great! It’s an honor to be working with such an accomplished musician/engineer/producer. Thank you.

Adam Byer – Adam is almost finished with his degree in post production for film, but he continues to record tracks with me. The first, “Nothing Can Destroy”, appeared on La Vita Nuova. The second will appear on the Cute Souvenirs EP. He manages to squeeze these projects in with his own film projects and band. Thank you.

Jason Woolery/The 331 Club – I am not certain how it happens, but we always seem to have our best performances in that tiny club in NE Minneapolis. We’re indebted to the 331 for allowing us to come back over and over. I love that there is a venue in Minneapolis that provides free music and still treats it’s bands with enough class that we all want to keep playing there. Thank you.

Dena Alspach/Metro Magazine – Dena has had to have seen us play more than a handful of shows. She always seems to pop up when I am least expecting it. She also invited us to play the 2009 Metro 100 Party and plugs our shows when she isn’t too busy juggling the media world of Minneapolis. Thank you.

Sarah Sandusky/First Ave/7th St Entry – Sarah is a total sweetheart and continues to book us along with bands that we really enjoy. It is seriously not uncommon for me to tell her that I love something on the calendar and to have her try to find a way to get us involved in the show. She is consistently professional and rad at the same time. I imagine the two are tough to do concurrently. Thank you.

I’d also like to thank all of the bands who share bills with us. It is such a privilege to share the stage with such talent. I can’t list them all, but we are talking about Kid Dakota, Sam Roberts Band, Brad Senne, Brian Just, Eliza Blue, Breaksea Caravel, Rock Plaza Central, Luke Redfield, Backyard Tire Fire, John Swardson, Holly Newsom, Painted Saints, Al Church & State, Daredevil Christopher Wright, Solid Gold, the list goes on and on and on… Thank you.

Lastly, I would like to thank THE ARDENT for all of the hard work and sticking with me through all of this. It’s been a cool year and a half. You guys are some of the most talented players I know and am humbled to have you make my songs sound the way they do. Thank you.

Ryan Paul

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Photographer and designer elli rader tells about her first photo shoot with Ryan Paul. Many of these photos are used by the band to this day.

Please read the full posting and others here: http://www.paperlily.net/blog/2010/02/the-story-of-creepyhouse/

august 9th of 2008 was a beautiful day.  i set out with friend/musician ryan paul to do a photo shoot after having waited for the perfect time of day, when the light was exactly just the way i hoped it would be . . . the sun setting and making that super pretty gentle light sideways across a hill down the road from my house, at the end of which was a completely hideous and ghastly abandoned house.

i had passed the house hundreds of times and the plan for this day was to take photos on the porch of it–where there were no less than 3 stoves, many unidentifiable tools and several other large appliances carelessly stashed.  the house is located on a farm, and there is a fully functional regular house on the property.  it seemed appropriate at the time to ask permission to be wandering around taking photos, so we parked and i approached the front door.  couldn’t get to it.  the only way in was through the open garage, the backyard, and on the porch.  i cautiously went through the garage and out into the backyard and found several dozen diseased, dying, bleeding, crying and otherwise heartbreaking cats and kittens.  fighting back tears, i stepped through the terrible kitty yard and up onto the porch.  i was terrified as i pulled open the screen door and knocked on the kitchen door. after a few minutes the door swung open loudly and cigarette smoke billowed out in a huge cloud onto me.  the creepiest of creepy old dudes appeared through the smoke and stared at me until i started to stutter. . .

“uuuuum….i.   i am a photographer?  annnnnnd……wondering if.    could i?  the house over there.  the broken-y one?  i can take pictures on the porch for a few minutes, please?  friend.  band.  needs pictures.”

and his answer:  ”THAT HOUSE?!? that house ain’t mine.  that old guy in, well he lives in CHANhassen.  he don’ care. whatever.  grunt.”

so i ran!!! back through the bad kitty place and ran!!! out the garage and leaped into the car, breathing so fast, and looked at ryan with sheer terror, and said, “it’s ok.”  and he didn’t believe me.  and i said, “no.  it’s fine.  tell you later.  oh my god.”

so we went over to the house and started poking around on the porch, taking some shots.  i didn’t know ryan well enough yet to know he would do this, but he immediately went over to the garage attached to the back of the house and shimmied his skinny ass under the 1.5 foot opening and started climbing through the house.  i’m thinking, “NOPE.  unh-uh.  i am NOT going in there.  no way, not gonna happen.  gross!!  who IS this guy?”  but all that comes out of my mouth is, “um, are you okay?  what was that noise?”  and what i hear from inside is:

“OH MY GOD!! HOLY SHIT!”  …crash….thud….”DEAD ANIMAL! you HAVE to come in here! climb under the….the door, climb und—-” CRASH.

nope.  not gonna.  not climbing under that door and going in there.  i followed along the side of the house, taking pictures in through the window so i could see what was going on.  (window height is above my head.)  i heard him smashing through the house, swearing, and then finally appearing out on the front porch.  ”oh!  hey.  the front door was unlocked.”


needless to say, he convinced me to go inside and we spent a few awesome hours exploring the nasty house, taking photos, and admiring the sound of his new guitar in an abandoned house.

and there you have it, joseph.  the story of where your photo came from.

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Just a quick heads up about an event being held in March…

I’m not going to tell you about Jenn Barnett. Either you already know, or you can read the posting below. I will tell you that Jenn is a close personal friend and I am delighted that elli rader has put this together and asked @RPandTA to be a part of it. So mark your calendars!

*p.s. isn’t that a rad picture of Chris Morrissey? That was a cool show. Bill Mike CD Release at the Cedar. Lotsa lights. Lotsa notes.

Ryan Paul

From Minneapolis Metblogs: http://minneapolis.metblogs.com/2010/02/03/the-jennefit-for-jenn-barnett/

Image by jennbarnett

Speaking of photography Paperlily is hosting a benefit to help local photog Jenn Barnett replace some gear.

Elli writes,

jenn has done *so* much for local musicians and helping to promote them, both through creating amazing images of their bands and telling people about their music . . . surely some of them would rally to help her replace her camera. and they would! they are! the bands i approached immediately embraced the idea of donating their time to help.

so i contacted the turf club and got a date for a benefit, and i started contacting bands. as of yesterday, we have the final lineup – although i’m certain that any of the bands on the bill would be willing to work in a cameo if anyone else wanted to get in on this. i started calling it the Jennefit (because i’m hilarious) even though that’s basically painful in it’s dorkiness. it’s super fun to say! say it out loud. do it! jennefit.

here’s what we are going to do, and i TOTALLY need your help, if you are reading this. we are going to the turf club on march 26th and we are going to watch these kick ass bands play until they make us all go home:

the honeydogs
molly maher
erik koskinen
ryan paul & the ardent
the mad ripple
(jim walsh)

Sounds like a pretty great line up, for more great pics check out JENN BARNETT PHOTOS

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