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Dean MagrawI am looking forward to our show next week at The Hollow. I have already gone on and on to explain my interest in the cause. I may go a little further…

Last week we played two shows to raise money for an organization called Urban Ventures. This organization is one that directly contributes to South Minneapolis residents only. I live in South Minneapolis and am able to see the devastating effects of drugs and violence in the neighborhood. It was quite rewarding to know that the work that everyone contributed will go to change the lives of some of the people I see every single day.

We were approached to do the benefit for Light Of Hope a few months ago and I had been dropping hints with Kate Kunkle since before the concert’s inception. I will admit that I do not know what the poverty level in Kenya is like on a personal level. No matter what economic bracket that any of we Americans may fall in, we are still rich by comparison.

A few weeks ago, Mumbai India was attacked and I was quite affected by it. A friend had just returned from India and the gift that she had purchased for me was sitting on my desk as I watched the story unfold on CNN.com. Another friend had a terrifying dream about a city in India the night before the attacks. She and I had spoke about the nightmare hours before the attack happened. Both of these things made the attack on Mumbai very real to me.

It became very evident to me that I am not nearly as concerned about what is going on around the world as I should be. I have become terribly numb. In a song by Derek Webb, he says “I join the oppressors of those I choose to ignore.” and I think that statement is true for me as well.

I am excited to raise some money for some people who I will never meet who live in a country that I will most likely never visit.

DEAN MAGRAW will also be playing this benefit. In 2001, one of my earlier bands played a festival called “The Big Wu Family Reunion”. This festival was the first time I ever had the opportunity to have my face melted off by Mr, Dean Magraw. Since that time I have tried to follow his busy career. I have always hoped for a day when I would get the chance to play a show with Dean. This is one of my dreams coming into reality. I feel quite fortunate.




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